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I’m Pat and I’m a freelance financial writer. I help institutional investors, brokerage firms, trading educators, and fintech firms create high-quality content with both client conversion and SEO in mind.

Some specific topics I write about are:

  • Short-term trading (from event-driven to technical analysis)
  • Systematic trading and investing (think equity momentum, trend following, factor investing, and risk premia strategies)
  • Value investing (from deep value to compounding machines to GARP)
  • Growth investing (in the style of William O’Neil or Mark Minervini)
  • Options trading (from volatility trading to simple hedging strategies to trade structuring)
  • Quantitative analysis (backtesting, system development, alpha factors) 


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Why Hire a Freelance Investment Writer?

Content is abundant. Even laundromats do content marketing nowadays. It just doesn’t set you apart anymore. So why, in one of the most competitive industries, would you expect to get ahead by hiring cheap writers from Upwork?

Publishing so-so articles from market tourists just won’t do. You’re competing with Investopedia on Google and a barrage of interesting Substack writers in your client’s email inboxes. Success in content marketing starts with A+ content. And you can judge mine by checking out some writing samples.

As a freelance investment writer, I’m also fully aware of my role in your SEO stack. I can’t consult on SEO strategy, but I can make your editor’s life a piece of cake by optimizing for on-page SEO. Don’t think on-page is important? Ask this guy who ranked #1 in a competitive keyword with a Lorem Ipsum site.

Check out some of my writing samples to see if we’d make a good fit for your content strategy. Then email me or book a call to get some quality content rolling.

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What My Clients Say

Your articles have been really solid and have been getting some great feedback. Keep up the great work!


SEO Manager, Warrior Trading

Amazing job on these articles! Especially the ******* article. The headline is a great attention grabber!


SEO Manager, Large Reputation Management Firm

Patrick was a rock star. He took the time to fully research the topic and created a fantastic report outlining a complex issue.


Owner, Option Trading Educator

You knocked it out of the park, Patrick


Content Marketer

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